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Viral strand

Alex and Henry Wesker found this parasite in a rare plant in West France prior to their fight.It is known as Jeronius Muno or Renderer Parasite in local tribes.It is very different from Las Plagas and every other virus ever found.This parasite,unlike many others,spreads by air given off by the flower.Exposure is nearly always fatal.Exposure drives the host insane but this could take hours.The growing parasite feeds on the blood of the host and replaces it with a slimy and toxic substance.Once the parasite is mature enough the host dies and a sudden transformation occurs.To suit it's needs the parasite forms into an abominable creature feeding mainly on human blood.The nails of the host grow sharper and teeth grow longer especially the canines.The body grows taller and larger reaching almost 8ft.The legs break into spider-like appendages tipped with sharp spikes with smaller ones.Arms are now built to tear and rip apart victims.The jaws of the host turn into two pairs of mandibles and the head itself is almost unrecognizable.The complete creature is resilient to everything from small arms fire to rockets.It is virtually unstoppable but with all of it's strength it has a single weakness.The parasite itself is exposed in the host's chest but is concealed in a bony ribcage-like mass,which is hard to expose.It is also relatively slow though it's hard to see at night where it's dark coloration camouflage it's horrible appearance.Once damaged enough the host will fall to the ground seemingly dead but this is a start of a new transformation.The parasite is still concealed in the 'ribcage' but the rest of the body adapted.The arms turn into tentacles and tendrils,legs remain the same but with much more armor and a harder armor replaces the old damaged ones.Finally,the creature itself has a grown slightly.After it is damaged enough it falls for the last time,dead.

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