Hydra T-type
Created 18/03/03
Created By Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Creation By injecting the NE-T virus into a shark mixed with crocodile D.N.A
Based Shark
Height/Length 80ft
Purpose To create a powerful water based Tyrant
Status Active

The Hydra T-type project came about by the course of making a powerful water homed B.O.W with the power of a Tyrant. It started in 1999 at an unknown Umbrella lab, by trying to make the FI-03 Neptune more of a stronger form of B.O.W, but that failed. However, hearing reports about a dead T-virus infected crocodile found in the ruins of Raccoon City, they took the D.N.A of the crocodile and added it with a shark and infected it with the NE-T virus and Hydra T-type was born.

Affects over FI-03 Neptune Edit

By some unknown affect, the Hydra T-type can command a number of FI-03 Neptune at once. Why and how this happens is unknown.

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