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Hunter Zeta

Date of
Created via:Further experimentation on the Hunter
Purpose:Experimental Mass-produced bio-weapon
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The Hunter Zeta is an enemy that makes multiple appearances in The Devil's Playground scenario and makes their first appearance when they attack Leon upon his arrival in Verona. They are considered to be extremely dangerous compared to most models as they are much faster and display a startling show of almost high-level human intelligence.

The Hunter series is a form of genetically-engineered B.O.W. created with the mutagenic effects of the t-virus, based on foreign DNA being introduced to human embryos. The Zeta series was created by further unknown means as they do not possess the same scales as the Hunter models have usually had.

The Hunter Zeta is also rendered a quadrupedal organism due to its increased upper muscle mass and unlike other Hunter models will not charge on two legs. Its head is distinctly smaller and it appears more human than reptilian. The Zeta model will also scream before it charges and it sound distinctly human.

Trivia Edit

  • The Zeta model is believed to be an improvement on the Hunter Alpha line that had been discontinued; it possesses greater strength, speed and intelligence, though the Zeta has considerably poor eyesight.
  • The Hunter Zeta can incapacitate the player in one hit.
  • Unlike most Hunter models, the Zeta is easy to kill with a simple rifle shot to the back due to the ripped flesh where the spine is exposed.
  • Zeta is the sixth letter of the greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 7.
  • The rattling sound it makes sounds similar to the call of the Predator from the movie series of the same name.
  • There are rare moments where the creature won't attack the player if moving rather slowly. Loud noises can alert the Zeta to the player's presence, however.

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