"As if they needed to create another one..."

-Richard Ernest before he fought a Hunter III

The Creature's image, max 250px
Hunter III
Created 1999
Created By Genetic Technologies
Creation Tyrant Beta Virus injected into a human ovum infused with reptilian DNA
Based Hunter Beta and Hunter II
Height/Length 5'6"
Purpose General Purpose Bio Weapon
Status Active


There's an old saying that goes "If it ain't broke don't fix it." Flying against this statement is Genetic Technologies' newest Hunter model, the Hunter III. Standing a bit shorter than a human, like earlier Hunter models, the Hunter III is based mainly on the Hunter Beta and II due to similar appearance to both, with the lower body of a Beta but the head and shoulders of a II. The claws of this Hunter model are stubbier than normal but they tend to be thinner, more knife like making them more effective at slicing through flesh. This also makes it easier to climb walls and ceilings.

The climbing concept was designed to cash in on the stealth aspect of a VIEW before the Licker II was produced from data on both the Licker and Licker Beta. While Hunter IIIs lack the long piercing tongue of the Licker models but it still is more than capable of decaptiating a human if necessary.


In combat, Hunter IIIs will stay hidden typically hiding in darker locations before getting a good drop on its prey. From here, they drop down before sinking their claws into their back and teeth into their neck. Before anyone can get a good bead on it, Hunter IIIs will jump away and repeat the process. Should it be spotted, Hunter IIIs will rapidally jump around between walls to prevent someone from httiing it well. When it decides to attack face on, it will drop down and charge an opponent, jumping side to side to prevent from being a still target.

The Hunter III was designed to attack in packs, making it possibly the weakest Hunter out there. They are fairly short and this makes them easy to store but retain much of thier strength. They remain powerful weapons and are most at home in jungles, causing someone to export them to South America. Here, due to their fertility and lack of natural predators, the population has exploded, claiming hundreds if not thousands of people. This is the main reason why Jason, after Belmont Labortories, went down thier along with several ex-military soldiers to try and quell thier numbers. These missions were largely hit or miss and it did result in many dead, including Richard Ernest.

Recently, the population has been in decline, possibly due to Gene Tech exporting a new class of Hunter to destroy their smaller brethern. However Gene Tech continues to produce the line to a number of buyers, making the possiblility for new populations to spread.

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