Henry Thompson
H ThompsonPro
Date of death:September 28th, 1998
Occupation:Office Manager

"So. you've ratted out a rat, boy; But you should know better, where there is one there will be thousands more. Ready to claw, bite, and rip you apart in the darkness..."

-Henry Thompson, "The Rat Den"

Henry Thompson was the office manager of Umbrella Corporate Headquarters, stationed in Raccoon City, Colorado at the time.



Before the outbreak, Thompson was the Corporate Manager and Head of the Midwestern Division of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and Technologies. He supposedly ordered the closure of the Arkley Mountain Facility a few months before the comic series, and had been bribing numerous officials in Raccoon City for many years.


When the outbreak reached it's climax, the Umbrella Building had been horribly damaged by employees turning hostile and infected breaking in. Thompson would notice Abrams' arrival via one of the security monitors and warn him about coming up the stairs. Eventually, Abrams would reach the top floor and question Thompson. Thompson would reveal that Raccoon City has had numerous incidents like this, "Including that strange train accident, by the Arkley Mansion", and that he would be rescued within a few hours by Umbrella Corporation.

Abrams pulled out a gun, and Thompson would throw a file at him, causing papers to fill the room as he escaped to the stairwell, elevators being out due to no power. Thompson, would reach to the second floor, before tripping and falling down the stairs, as Abrams corners him. Thompson would tell Abrams that he has trapped a rat in a den, and that he would be doomed for the remainder of his life. Just as he finishes, arms break through the wall and zombies reveal to be breaking through the security barriers. He would reveal he had no regrets about what happened as zombies begin to rip him apart.


Abrams would leave, the Umbrella building through a fire exit, triggering an alarm that would attract zombies to the building. Supposedly, Thompson reappears in the Chapter "The House on the Hill", as an infected who breaks down the gate to the Mayor's house. Such speculation is caused by the fact that the infected is seen wearing an Umbrella Badge, and has the same facial features as Thompson, as well as showing significant bite makrs on his neck, sides, and face.




Agent John AbramsEdit



  • Henry Thompson is based off Thomas Richards, from the Walking Dead comic series.

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