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Hell's Children
Hell's Children
Founding Date:1964
Founders:Dutch Stiglitz (1964-1998)
Aaron West (1998-Present)
Notable Members:Hugo Angel
David Rose
Oswald Archer
Drake Bronsan
Headquarters:Satan's Domain Club
North Carolina

Hell's Children is the name of a biker gang that was started back in 1964 by Dutch Stiglitz. It was used to smuggle weapons and drugs into America and were hired hand for the Mafia as well, Usually working for Paulie Soprano and making lots of money to finance their operations. Criminals and prisoners usually make up much of this gang and if anyone starts anything with them, the wrath of the Hell's Children with fall upon them.

Reign of the T-VirusEdit

In 1998 after the destruction of Raccoon City, the T-Virus spread like wild fire and the Hell's Children were fighting off Zombies whenever they could to either defend themselves or to blow off steam. These guys were also known to steal, rape and recruit as well in order to strengthen their numbers. By 2009, these guys were giving the Umbrella Corporation hell and they would do anything they wanted to do to the Umbrella Soldiers they captured.

Hell's Children of 2037Edit

In the year 2037, the Hell's Children is a neutral group who hates both the New World Alliance and the Umbrella Corporation.


The Hell's Children are always packing heat and wether it is old or new, it doesn't matter to them what they use.

Pistols, Revolvers & SMGsEdit

Assault, Battle & Sniper RiflesEdit

Shotguns & Machine GunsEdit


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