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Date of
Created via:Mutated of Dreki Nest
Based:G. sulphureus queen termite
Length:~14 meters

Hel was a quadrupedal bioweapon developed by Charles Burr and his research team of the Steel Chariots using the Hyper-evolution virus. It was a special Dreki Nest and only one was known to exist. Burr unleashed the bioweapon on Jane Bradstreet and Dom Lee in order to prevent them from escaping Jötunheimr. It was killed by the very two people it was sent to stop.


In its only appearance in Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution, Hel is the fifth boss, appearing at the end of Chapter 5-1. Hel is a modified Dreki Nest, being larger and spawns Sæhrímnir instead of Dreki. Unlike Dreki Nests, Hel spawns Sæhrímnir in endless waves until it is killed. Hel is also capable of spawning Sæhrímnir without having to stand still, whereas Dreki Nests must remain stationary when spawning Dreki. Unlike Dreki, which attack by spitting acid, Sæhrímnir explode to attack. Sæhrímnir also do not have timed life, and will continue to pursue its target until it is in range to attack. Once in range, a Sæhrímnir still stop moving, expand its acid-filled head, and then detonate. This process takes roughly two seconds to complete, allowing the player's character to move out of the way when the Sæhrímnir initiates its self-destruction.

Hel has 57,000 HP on Normal difficulty, 110,000 HP on Veteran difficulty, and 280,000 HP on Professional difficulty, and its weak spot is the center of its head.


  • Spawn Sæhrímnir - Hel continuously spawns waves of Sæhrímnir.
  • Acid Pool - Hel vomits acid in an area. The acid collects into a pool on the ground, and stays throughout the entirety of the battle. If the player's character walks into an acid pool, he/she will rapidly lose health and be slowed down. If in the acid pool for too long, the player's character will die.

If the player's character dies in an acid pool, he/she will have his/her skin and flesh burned off.

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