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Hannibal Insect

Date of
Created via:Exposure to t2 infected blood
Height:5 feet
Purpose:Accidental exposure

  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis continuity.

"Is that a mosquito?!"

-Beth, when she sees the Hannibal Insects flying toward them.

Hannibal Insects are minor enemies that appear in Code Genesis. Not intentional test subjects, they are mosquitoes that have fed on the infected blood of t2 infected hosts and thereby have become infected themselves. The male and female types have minor differences such as larger wings and longer, sharper legs. They appear only several at a time, but make an attempt to consume the blood of the player by swinging from side - to - side in an attempt to disorient and land onto their host. They can be a minor annoyance if not taken care of.

Its pattern of behavior is simple to notice; it will perch on various objects and make a very loud collection of buzzing sounds before it takes to the skies. In the easier modes, they are not difficult but are merely a random annoyance. In the more harder difficulty settings, they can actually sting and paralyze your player for a few brief moments to attack again. They can easily be grounded with shots to their wings or with the use of any fire - based weapon.

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