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Hamontree's Zombie

Date of
Created via:Hamontree's Tyrant Virus infection

Hamontree's Zombies are creations of Ayana Hamontree, who attempted to create human B.O.W.s that did not have insatiable appetites, and could be controlled. She ended up creating zombies that did not hunger for flesh and was even able to get them to perform simple tasks. Physically, Hamontree's zombies are almost exactly like their hungry counterparts and experience severe necrosis and also go through the V-ACT process, although the majority of these zombies never mutate into lickers.

Hamontree's zombies, however, have a drive the mate with human females. When successfully mating with a human female, a Hamontree's zombie will impregnate her with an Armisael, which will grow to be a B.O.W.

At the zombie level, a Hamontree's zombie will not attempt to mate with a human female if she is clearly conscious, and will follow her commands. But when around a woman who does not look like she will resist, the zombie will attempt to mate with her. When the zombie becomes a crimson head, it loses all of its abilities to follow orders and will aggressively try to mate with any woman in its vicinity. Once evolved into a licker, the creature will be fully able to obey commands and will only mate if ordered to.

All Hamontree's zombies are male, because women are immune to transformation.

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