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Hamontree's Zombie

Date of
Created via:Hamontree's Tyrant Virus infection
Based:Male human

Hamontree's Zombies are creations of Ayana Hamontree. Only human males can become Hamontree Zombies, as females are immune to transformation via the Hamontree's Tyrant Virus. Like Zombies created through other viral agents, a Hamontree's Zombie experiences severe necrosis, loses most of his intelligence, and completely loses any sensation of pain. Unlike zombies created through other viruses, however, a Hamontree's Zombie retains some of his memories and does not experience intense hunger. A Hamontree's zombie is capable of following simple orders. Some Hamontree zombies can also become Crimson Heads and Lickers, retaining their relative lack of aggression and ability to follow commands.

A Hamontree's Zombie is capable of sexually transmitting the Hamontree's Tyrant virus. If done so to a human female, the virus will make temporary changes to her body, drastically augmenting her physical strength, healing factor, speed, reaction time, durability, and pain tolerance. These changes wear off over time and will frequently lead to exhaustion of the female host. A Hamontree's Zombie can also impregnate a human female with a Hamontree's Licker embryo, with the pregnancy lasting only two months.