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Hamontree's Tyrant Virus is a virus engineered by Ayana Hamontree. The virus affects its hosts differently, primarily based on sex.

If a male human is infected by the virus, he turns into a Hamontree's Zombie, losing most of his intelligence and completely losing any sensation of pain. Unlike zombies created through other viruses, however, a Hamontree's Zombie retains some of his memories and does not experience intense hunger. A Hamontree's zombie is capable of following simple orders. Some Hamontree zombies can also become Crimson Heads and Lickers, retaining their relative lack of aggression and ability to follow commands.

The effects on female humans depend on how the virus is introduced to the body. If injected, nothing will happen to the host other than the fact that the virus continues to survive in the body. The virus can also be sexually transmitted from a Hamontree's Zombie, Crimson Head, or Licker. If done so, the virus will make temporary changes to the human female's body, drastically augmenting her physical strength, healing factor, speed, reaction time, durability, and pain tolerance. These changes wear off over time and will frequently lead to exhaustion of the host.