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Graham Memorial Park
250px-C5m2 park

Location:Newark City
Notable events:t2 Virus infection
Current status:Destroyed, June 14th 2014

  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis Continuity.

Graham Memorial Park is a location set in the Cardinal Row District of Newark City and is supposedly the largest park in the city itself. It is an accessible location and easily overrun with undead.

The park itself was supposedly banned to the public later on before chaos struck once traces of contamination were found as the park is known for its gentle streams.

Trivia Edit

  • Graham Memorial Park is passed through during the main campaign briefly.
  • There is a statue of a soldier riding on a horse with a name carved in stone that reads: GENERAL JACOB PULASKI. Everything else on the memorial is unable to be read.
  • Pulaski is the name of the The General Pulaski Skyway, a four-lane bridge-causeway in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of New Jersey.
  • There is also a sign that reads "Come to Dante's for all your problem-solving needs". This is a reference to the character from Devil May Cry, also a series developed by Capcom.

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