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Glimmer II

Date of
Created via:t2 virus infection and manipulation of Hunter GII
Purpose:Random Mutation
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"Get this stuff off of me!"

-One of Alex's guards being attacked by Glimmer II gunk.

The previous Glimmer model had been known to be an unintentional Hunter-variant in which preferred dark places, where it was invisible to its prey in all but its glowing red eyes. It moves extremely fast, making it very difficult to shoot.

Bruce McGivern was the first to encounter the Glimmer in the partially-submerged sections of the Umbrella Atlantic Facility.

The Glimmer II model will hunt in pairs and attempt to get their prey's attention while the other will attack without being seen or noticed. They are smaller in size like their predecessor and on a different effect, have claws and teeth. Despite this improvement, the Glimmer II model will still prefer to shoot a sticky stream of poison at its prey instead of outright attack.

Though this isn't entirely true as the poison itself is a much more solid substance that can stun its prey before it will actually charge. The player must shake themselves free before being attacked.

Trying to kill a Glimmer II will usually waste a lot of ammo as they can take a lot of damage, so the best tactic is to keep running and avoid it. Though if the player comes across a heavy weapon, killing them with a shotgun will usually knock them back. A grenade or two will stun them enough to be killed.

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