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Date of
Created via:Hyper-evolution virus infection, DNA splicing
Based:White rhinoceros
Length:~14 meters

Garmr was a rhinocero-based bioweapon developed by Charles Burr and his research team of the Steel Chariots using the Hyper-evolution virus. Burr unleashed the bioweapon on Jane Bradstreet and Dom Lee in order to prevent them from escaping Jötunheimr. It was killed by the very two people it was sent to stop.


In its only appearance in Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution, Garmr is the fourth boss, appearing at the end of Chapter 4-3. Every attack from Garmr is an instant kill, but all attacks can be avoided, as the creature always winds up before attacking.

Garmr has 21,000 HP on Normal difficulty, 42,000 HP on Veteran difficulty, and 420,000 HP on Professional difficulty. Garmr is invulnerable to most weapons unless shot in the face, which is treated as an Armored target. Some weapons can damage Garmr, regardless of where Garmr is shot, and consider the Garmr to be an Armored target. These weapons also deal quadruple damage when used on Garmr's face. Below is the list of these weapons.

Notable Weapons


  • Spike Barrage - Garmr rears back its head, and then launches a shower of giant spikes out of its mouth, instantly killing the player's character; this attack can be sidestepped while Garmr is rearing its head and before it launches this attack.
  • Charge - Garmr lowers its head, and then charges at the player's character with its horn, instantly killing him/her; this attack can be sidestepped.

When the player's character is killed by the spike barrage attack, he/she will be impaled all over his/her body with Garmr's projectiles. If the player's character is killed by Garmr's charge attack, he/she will be impaled on its horn.

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