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G Infant

Date of
Created via:Unknown
Based:Parasitic Organism
Purpose:Reproduce without hosts

  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis continuity.

History of G Edit

A "G" creature type is the product of the G-virus which, when compatible with a host's DNA, uses humans as carriers for its offspring. Incompatible hosts will instead reject the seed, which will grow out of control in its own way depending on the host. The G-virus was developed by Umbrella Corporation scientist William Birkin, who had also taken James Marcus' work on the t-virus.

A primitive form of the virus was discovered in the mutated body of Lisa Trevor, on whom the Umbrella Corporation had been conducting unethical genetic and viral experiments for three decades. When she displayed unexpected immune resistance to the experimental NE-Alpha parasite, Birkin and other researchers looked for a cause and found what would later become the G-virus.

The Mercenaries Escape Edit

The G Infant is a sub boss that makes no direct appearance in the direct plot of Code Genesis, but rather within the Mercenaries mode instead. They take the form of either normal or red - with disgusting blotches - almost in the same manner as the Executioners do featured in Resident Evil: 5. Their appearance or the cause of their creation is unknown. They are considerably smaller than most G infected hosts and are covered in various open sores and parasites wriggling from their pink, sickly flesh.

They are sometimes seen squirming about on the ground on their bellies and they will spring up and attack their prey with large claws in a very bizarre behavior usually not seen in most G type hosts. Killing them quickly is very important as they can grab their prey and kill with one quick stab of their claws for a finisher move. G Infant's have no ability to reproduce and could possibly be incompatible hosts. Killing them will yield massive amounts of points in Mercenaries Modes.

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