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G-Virus Alpha 1 is a benefitial viral agent that was created off the original original G-Virus. it is a more advanced
Charles Knight

Charles Knight (The First Subject)

stage of the contagion, however many of the disgusting pieces have been eliminated from it.


G-Virus Alpha 1's biology is similar to both the original contagion and the T-Virus such as it grants the carrier biological immortality. It also grants them superhuman speed, strength and a various factor on healing. Carriers that are known to carry the contagion are known to have somewhat of a shapeshifting capability, however not everyone's shapeshifting capability is the same. The virus is known to spread either through a bite or sexual intercourse.


"Whoa so if any girl's brother was infected with this then......Oh gross"- Jane Valentine disgusted at the reproduction system

The reproduction of G-Virus Alpha 1 is similar to that of the original virus and human reproduction, which primarily involves an infectee to mate with anyone of either their blood connection or anyone else that comes close to their blood connection. Usually women or men who have sisters and brother is the most common way the contagion can reproduce which allows them to produce fertile offspring the way humans can and like them, it will be the same for their offspring.


The carriers of this virus are usually immune to bullets and knives, however only a certain number of assault weapons and machine guns are known to do a number on the carriers. Energy weapons and explosives are also known to damage them to where it takes them 10-30 seconds before they can fully recover. Also there is a time where the carriers must mate before a certain time, if they do not, they can end up dying and this includes the progenitors.

Effective WeaponsEdit

There are many effective weapons against carriers of G-Virus Alpha 1, however there are only certain weapons that may have little to no effect against them and therefore are marked uncertain.

Known CarriersEdit

  • Charles Knight: The First Subject
  • Bonnie Knight: The Mate

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