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Date of
Created via:Unknown
Based:Human/Possibly a Tyrant Type

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"Oh God. Is it dead?"

-Rebecca, on the G-Harbinger's first departure.

The G-Harbinger is a boss that makes two appearances in The Ghosts of the Past scenario. It is unknown exactly what implements were used to create the creature as Chris and Rebecca merely discover an empty file labeled G-Harbinger before it attacks them. It is a large mutation that does not appear to have any eyes but it can feel the vibrations around it much like that of a Licker. It has multiple long, reaching limbs and when it roars, it resembles a terrifying, high-pitched scream.

The creature's origins and how it was released out into the wild is unknown, but considering the infection of the research facility, it is believed that it may have escaped during the chaos and made its way out of the building as it is first seen when Chris and Rebecca arrive; it is seen quickly moving outside of the facility through a small window that Rebecca looks out briefly. Once it bursts through the facility in a mad attempt for a fresh meal, Chris and Rebecca attempt to fight it off. The quickest way to do so is damage using fire or the tanks stationed around the battle area.

They succeed and the bleeding, damaged form of the G-Harbinger gives a mortal scream and disappears back outside, leaving them to worry if it would be back. It returns toward the end of the scenario, its body swollen and tattered from horrible mutations due to the damages taken. It will attack with its massive arms in a frenzy, The arms cannot be avoided as they sweep across the room. The easiest way to stop the attack is to shoot its weak spots which will cause it to recoil and screech out in pain.

Once it takes significant amount of damage, it will collapse and give Chris and Rebecca a chance to escape. Once they set the facility to explode, the G-Harbinger with violently drag its body after them through the facility and the two barely make it out as it explodes, killing the creature.

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