Created 20-10-2007
Created By Amanda Dallas
Creation Muti-Virus Exposure
Based Canine/Human
Height/Length 6'4
Purpose To protect an objective.
Status Inactive as of 2007

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  • This article is part of the Kaiden's Game Continuum

G-05 was created from a series of T-virus experiments with infant children. The process involved slowly expossing them to the virus in extremely small dosages. This created a slow process of mutation in some of the children. Others went feral and were put down by Umbrella security forces. The experiments continued into adolessence when they used the newly is covered las palagas to induce a mind control effect on the G series. Out of ten experiments only G-05 lived but he was considrred a perfect success in that he was an unstoppable inhuman bodyguard that took orders without question. Amanda Dallas assigned the G-05 to guard her and eventually to kill off her other researchers. It was eventually subdued by Kadien Westfall but it escaped into the Alaskan wilderness before it could be killed.


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