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Frederic DowningEdit

Frederic is a canon character from Resident Evil:Degeneration.

Early Life and ChildhoodEdit

Little is known of his childhood. He appears to come from a wealthy British family. He was born in 1971.


Frederic joined Umbrella as a scientist sometime in the 1980's. He worked closely with Birkin.


Shortly after becoming friends with Vincent Goldman, the Raccoon Incident ocurred.He stole samples of the T-Virus and G-Virus and joined Wilpharma, Inc. Frederic joined the Organization in late 1998, and later convinced Don Lamonte to join.

Resident Evil:DegenerationEdit

In the movie, Frederic betrayed WilPharma and attempted to sell his samples to the military president of Nagiri, Miguel Grande. He had helped WilPharma,Inc. make a vaccine. He also caused the Harvardville infection. Soon after, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield arrested him.


In 2006, he escaped prison. Not much else is known.

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