Freddy Mason is a caucasian test subject who was injected with the T-virus and He wears nothing but a dark cloak. He is also one of three test subjects that has the genes to be a Tyrant. He is also the only test subject out of the three to wear the least amount of clothing. He is however, seen as both a sucess and a failure.


In 1982, Umbrella began the Tyrant project and they already had three test subjects to begin testing right away. Freddy Mason was later injected with the T-virus and then put in cyrogenic sleep for sixteen years. However in 1998, he was 100% complete with bonding with the T-virus and was awoken from cyrogenic sleep to kill off the bravo S.T.A.R.S members who were in the forest. Freddy Mason later after wandering the forest encounters Enrico Marini and tries to kill him. However, Enrico was armed with a magnum, and shot Freddy six times and that brutally wounded Freddy. Enrico then ran away and Freddy Mason fell to the floor knocked out by the magnum shots.