"...Ah shi-"
―Franklin Mossberg's last words
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A former sergeant in the U.B.C.S., Franklin Mossberg, known as Frank or Mossy, was likewise a sergeant in Roderick Lazarus's fighting force DarkRain. Mossberg became a Vanguard Specialist after showing his profficiency in close-quarters-combat. Mossberg was one of the soldiers selected by Captain Isaac Hayes to be a part of the assault team in charge of eliminating the rogue Tyrant, Hannibal. Despite suffering heavy casualties in the conflict, Mossberg was one of the last soldiers to be vanquished. Although heavily-wounded, Mossberg successfully defeated a heavily mutated Mafdet single-handedly. Because he asked Hayes to flee whilst he fought the Mafdet, Hayes was unable to save Mossberg from the Fenrir that attacked him afterwards, which unfortunatley killed him, as the fight with the Mafdet left him too exhausted to defend himself.

In GamesEdit

Mossberg his first appearance in Resident Evil: Failsafe, where he is a playable character in Isaac Hayes' storyline.

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