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Albert Wesker helped create this beast one sole person was injected with a muated strain of the T-Virus and grew to a stagering height taller then the average human 10 feet tall, it developed a large ingrown claw the heart broke of the things chest, just like the other tyrants the heart is showing but it is very strong only heavy machine gun rounds can hurt it and it can run very fast and can bring down it's claw with enough force to crush a tank.

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once awoken inside the umbrella building it was calm at first but when one of the HUNK forces disturbed it the thing slaughtered the whole crew and people inside the building upon devouring some it got stronger and faster the heart grow more now some of the creature's heart is attached to part of his face but it can resiest small arms fire and can take a shotgun slug so the only way to kill it is to unload a couple of heavy machine gun rounds. William birkin wanted to see what would happen if were injected with the G-Virus but never got the chance to following the creature escaped thus birkin being assasinated then injecting himselve with his own G-Virus. although we don't know what might happen if the creature did get injected with the G-virus but all I can say is if it did it would grow in height and be stronger and could mutate similar to birkin's mutations plus it would be faster in running. this beast will appear in the next resident evil game.

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