Frank Irons
Irons Pro Image Plus
Date of death:1998
Height:5" 9'
Occupation:Chief of Police
Appearances:Resident Evil: Declassified
"So, the cowards sent you to finish the job, heh...what a pathetic joke."
Frank Irons, "Viva la Vida"

Frank Irons was Raccoon City's Chief of Police. He is found alone at the Raccoon City Police Station.



Not much is known about Irons before the outbreak other than he was considered over-demanding and easily angered.   It is never stated clearly if he was directly or indirectly employeed by the Umbrella Corporation though it is clear he was employed by his post-outbreak behavior.


When signs of the outbreak had began, Thompson paid Irons to make sure the media remained clueless so no word of the virus got out to the public thus making Raccoon City an isolated incident. Irons attempted to block the media at all corners until the quarantine took effect and the US Army and F.R.A. took control of the media. As the outbreak continued, Irons became increasingly paranoid that the entirety of the police force was out to kill him due to Umbrella's deep control.

When the outbreak reached it's climax, Irons ordered all officers and police officials out on the streets. Secretly, Irons did this so he could lock himself alone in the police station. The officers, having no real directive remained clueless and were easily overcome as Irons locked himself in his office with a Magnum .357, and waited for Umbrella agents to come and kill him, even though no real plans were ever planned against him.

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