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Date of
Created via:Mutation of Hati
Length:~16 meters

Fenrir was a bioweapon developed by Charles Burr and his research team of the Steel Chariots using the Hyper-evolution virus. It was a special Hati and only one was known to exist.


In its only appearance in Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution, Fenrir is the second boss, appearing at the end of Chapter 3-3. Fenrir is a modified Hati, being larger and significantly more powerful. It also attacks faster than Hati, but moves slower. Fenrir has 47,000 HP on Normal difficulty, 95,000 HP on Veteran difficulty, and 240,000 HP on Professional difficulty, and its weak spot is its face.


  • Claw - Fenrir slashes the player's character with the claws of a forelimb, instantly killing him/her.

When the player's character is killed by Fenrir, he/she will be split into multiple pieces.

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