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The Federal Relief Agency, or commonly called "F.R.A." is a U.S. government organization in Resident Evil: Declassified. It has protected millions of people from natural and manmade disaster and responsible for protecting and assisting citizens in the recovery. During the events of the Raccoon City Viral Outbreak, they were attempting to assist civilians by providing shelter, but also attempting to produce a cure. Though banners state that their only known location of operations was Newbury Elementary School (As all banners note "Located at Newbury Elm"), it is assumed they were overrun due to all patients being redirected there. No officials can be seen alive throughout the Raccoon City Incident .



The organization functioned normally, providing aid around the United States and third-world countries who needed it whether natural of manmade disasters occurred. It was around the time the US Army quarantined Raccoon City on September 18th, that the F.R.A. began work along side local hospitals and even the military. The government tried to coordinate their efforts to finding a cure, thus stopping the spreading before it was too late, and beginning evacuations to keep the city tame.


Finding out that the infection does not only occur in the living but continues even after the body has died. The officials quickly became overwhelmed. They began to burn bodies, and believing the virus had become airbourne, began to wear special hazmat suits to protect themselves. It is unsure what officially happened, though all bodies of F.R.A. officials are now seen either as zombies or corpses.


Official MembersEdit

Federal Relief Agency StaffEdit

Aaron - Aaron was a doctor who became infected during the Raccoon City Incident, he was the leader of the Newbury Elementary Quarantine Zone according to the staff list found.

Military ProtectionEdit

Sgt. Shurman - Shurman, (No first name given), was the soldier inside the tank outside the Newbury Quarantine Zone, he revealed to be infected after Abrams entered it.

Capt. Mathew Auger - Mathew Auger (Supposedly Commanding Officer) was assigned to lead military protection at the Newbury Quarantine Zone. Supposedly he escaped the city, after the zone was overrun, via a military helicopter used for evacuations. He is merely mentioned, never seen.


  • F.R.A. is based off the real-world counterpart, F.E.M.A. or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as both work in helping with natural or manmade disasters.

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