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Falcar Valtieri (Real Name: Dieter Stauffenburg)
Date of Birth December 2 1922
Date of Death not dead
Gender Male
Height 6ft,3in
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian, Nationality: Germany
Occupation Priest
Marital status Chastity
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Alive

Falcar Valtieri was a Priest serving in a church somewhere in Raccoon City. During the Raccoon City Incident he accumulated a large group of survivors throught the city in hopes of purging sin from the city as he thought that the zombies were a punishment from god. This group refers to itself as The Children of Falcar. He is going the second of the three Antagonist of Resident Evil: Gambit.He is going to voiced by Terrence Stamp(Elder Scrolls Series, Halo Series).

Early LifeEdit

Dieter was born December 2 1922 in the city Hamburg. He had a relitivly normal childhood till 1936 in which he was drafted to the Hitler Youth. Four years later Dieter joined the German Army in 1940. He apart of The Battle of France of the same year. He remained station in France. He was evetually became a Major. He evetually fought in Normandy (on the german side) where he was captured. After his capture he sent to Camp Atlanta as a Prisoner of war where he stayed till the end of the war.

Finding GodEdit

During his time in Camp Atlanta he began feeling guilty about his action during the. This Guilt was made worse when learned the Rumors of the Holocaust where true. He wanted to find redemtion for his action. He turned Christinity. After he was released at the end of the war he immgrated to America. He eventually went into the Priesthood in 1968 in Raccoon City. He changed his name to Falcar Valtieri in 1971. He did this cause he wanted to start over and believed that keeping his old name would lead him to eventually returning to a life of sin.

Raccoon City OutbreakEdit

Coming Soon

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