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F.G.R (Fallen Gene Recombinator) was created by Dr.James Cero on the 3rd of august 1996, Dr.Cero was examining ways in which to instead of creating new B.O.Ws, he found trying to improve the existing B.O.W. may work alot better, the serum however was unfinished, as the events of raccoon city cut his work short and he only made it out, with one remaining sample, the other was mailed to his friend Steven Fallon with orders to test it on what he considered a superiour specimen. Several years later the serum was completed and used by Cero himself he renamed it T.A.R the True Ascension Recombinator serum.


F.G.R is a serum (not viral) compound. It is non-transmutable to other organisms through the way most bio-weaponised creations are. only a direct injection will cause a subject to become "infected" with F.G.R. however as it is a prototype creation, most reactions towards incompatable subjects sustain disorganized mutagenic effects or partial mutation (i.e see The Fallen Failures). these effects can be reversed, however the level of reversal depends on the level of exposure to F.G.R. the most common mutation is to change the subject towards Avian genetic structure. humans with an imcompatable genetic structure or only a small compatability will experiance incomplete or cascade mutation, mostly tumours or half formed wings, the one notable effect is adrenaline levels and strength levels increase beyond that of a normal humans.

Subjects with a compatable structure will experiance a complete transendance, fully formed wings hollowed bones and increased musculature to not only protect the hollowed bones but increase strength and speed to above superhuman levels (roughly just under Albert weskers level given the (brief but cataclysmic) fight between him and Raz.

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