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An F-Hannibal, or Tyrant-199 are the results of trying to recreate the Nemesis project. Roderick Lazarus, leader of the DarkRain organisation, wanted the Nemesis project reopened so that it might be improved significantly. The project was carried on despite setbacks. These setbacks were that the Nemesis project would not have replicated results, leading to scientists believing that it was thanks to certain resources that Umbrella had that Lazarus' soldiers were unable to retreive. The results of this project were not disposed of, merley placed in holdig cells out of the way for further experimentation. These were F-Hannibals. These creatures displayed characteristics of normal Tyrants, except for slightly honned speed and strength. However, there was nothing incredible about them, beyond their superiority over normal Tyrants. Lazarus did not consider them worthy of further research and ordered his scientists to abandon them and focus on making the project work. The creatures were forgotten, and left to rot and mutate. After the success of the project which resulted in the Tyrant Hannibal, they were used in Hannibal's comabt simulators. After Hannibals descent into madness, it unknowingly released the remaining F-Hannibals into the facility, which caused much hassle to DarkRain soldiers sent to eliminate the real Hannibal. F-Hannibals are prone to mutate like other Tyrants, to such an extent that they actually become more or less a Tyrant in their own right.

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