F-22 Raptor
F-22 Raptor
Produced In: 1996
Width: 44 ft 6 in (13.56 m)
Height/Depth: 16 ft 8 in (5.08 m)
Length: 62 ft 1 in (18.90 m)
Weight: 64,460 lb (29,300 kg)
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • Boeing Defense, Space & Security
  • Country of Origin: USA
    Crew: 1
  • [1] 20mm M61A2 Vulcan 6-Barreled Gatling Gun (Starboard Wing Root, 480 Rounds)
  • [6] AIM-120 AMRAAM Missiles
  • [2] AIM-9 Sidewinders
  • Service Length: 1996-Present

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    Fan FictionEdit

    The F-22 Raptor was used by the naval fleet of the Umbrella Corporation in 2009, against Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus and one was destroyed when an F/A-18 Hornet that was piloted by Michael Franklin Miller and Alice, stopped the F-18 in mid flight, aimed the afterburners at the pilot and blast him and the fighter with it. Although they still had their uses, the F-22 went on to serve Division Delta for many years to come, also the F-35 Lightning 2.

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