The Creature's image, max 250px
Prototype Hunter (H.G.R-00)
Created post Fall
Created By Dr.James Cero
Creation Stolen hunters, infused with experimental version of the F.G.R
Based human embryo with reptile DNA and T-virus as a bonding agent
Height/Length varies
Purpose protection of Dr.Cero, however main purpose was killing anything in its way
Status 3 specimens killed one kept in stasis


During the research stages of Dr.Cero's serum he requested some B.O.Ws be "acquired" in order to see the effect of the G.R formula, in response Ascension phramacuticals gained 4 hunters for his research, upon infusion with the Serum the hunters mutated, 3 out of the 4 were deemed failures but the 4th gained benifical attributes and was put into stasis to refine the aspects. the other three were used as de-facto guardians of Cero, all 3 were wiped out by Raz during the attack on New Redemption after they escaped Ceros lab and gathered Hunters. the fourths whereabouts are currently.

Abilities and characteristicsEdit

The already formidable hunters were elevated to near Tyrant level in terms of resilliance and combat ability, giving them the ability to reason and also the membrane found on the Tyrant Type-A-01, however their predatory instincts overwhelm any real tatical intelligence, the 4th Hunter however has never been described properly or shown in the books to give an accurate representation of what makes it so special.

The Hunters were given new abilities with their G.R infusion to supplement their already superiour abilities including:

  • An extra set of bone claws
  • The thin membrane allowing gliding abilities
  • Hyper Regeneration
  • Musculature enchancment
  • Alpha Status among regular Hunters

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