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April, 14th, 1995

Today we will begin the experiment.

The subject is a former US soldier dubbed

"Alpha". It has been two years since the

subject was transported to this

facility. He's been placed in cryostasis

for further study. Now that he is awake,

I don't think that he is aware of what

is going to happen to him.

However, he seems to be very angry,

spitting out things like, "you won't have

my daughter".

Day 1:

Commence Experiment

We began by first cutting open the skull

and applying metal rods to diminish some

of his pain. He did not complain, but instead

continued to fight us, so we had to apply muscle

relaxant to stop him. I suggested sedative, but Alex

would not have it. Insane...

Day 4:

Removal of Lips and Teeth

Because of his biting and spitting, the lips

and the teeth had to be removed.

Day 6:

Removal of Arm

To test his reaction to physical amputation,

his arm was removed. The subject still claimed

to feel it.

Day 13:

Injection of Virus

After administering the virus,

we confirmed the unusual development of

the muscles and the regrowth of bone and tissue in the

missing arm as well as the internal organs. It gained a

drastic amount of weight after treatment.

Day 36:

Sharpened Hearing and Reflexes

The subject seems to have developed enhanced hearing

along with quicker reflexes. Alex wishes to test its ability

to recognize orders...

Day 41:

Experiment Successful

Alpha has proved to be a very valuable specimen. Not

only does it react to orders, it seems to possess a strange

sense of human awareness. It is highly intelligent and

possibly the greatest achievement in the history of


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