Due to a piece of the T-430 falling from the remains of Exodus body which were ravaged by T a small strand mimiced the exact form of a man that was seen in a photo who just happened to be Exodus Hybrid. This newly formed Tyrant stalked the streets of North Carolina for several days, killing citizens who would get in its way. Kevin Coen was allerted of supposed rumours of Exodus Hybrid living so he went back to check it out along with Julia Hayes. While there, the two were confronted by T-431 and Julia Hayes "killed". The Tyrant was at one point blown away by a shotgun round to the head by Kevin, but somehow it just regenerated. A man reported it dead, after he had rammed it off a bridge and immediatly called Kevin Coen who had rushed to the bridge but to his dismay all that was below the bridge was a floating red trenchcoat. The Tyrant was later thought to be dead when it was blown apart by a hand grenade, however this is still unconfirmed due to its regenerative abilities.