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Eric Lee
Date of birth:1962
Race/Nationality:Chinese American
  • Tammy Jin (wife)
  • Dom Lee (adopted son)
  • Occupation:Umbrella researcher
    Relationship status:Married
    Appearances:Resident Evil: Gambit

    Eric Lee was an Umbrella scientist who discovered the Hyper-evolution virus.


    Early LifeEdit

    Born in Taiwan, Eric Lee was a gifted child and graduated from an American college at the age of 18. He soon became a scientist for Umbrella and, under the supervision of Craig Silverman and along with Charles Burr, observe Dominic Wesker after the child was injected with the prototype virus. Like most of the other Wesker children, Dom's body responded negatively to the virus. However, instead of outright dying, he fell into comatose. Spencer and Silverman marked Dom for termination and granted Lee the responsibility to dispose of the child. Feeling guilty, Lee was incredibly hesitant, and delayed his order for days. During this time, he discovered a new virus that was produced inside Dom's body. After conducting a few tests on a microscopic level, he discovered that the virus exchanges genetic material with other viruses, keeping enhancing traits while eliminating degrading ones. Due to its properties, Lee named the virus, the Hyper-evolution virus (HEV), and then decided to adopt Dom and fake the child's disposal. Unfortunately, Lee was only able to stay with his wife and newly-adopted son for several months before he left his family to prevent them from being targeted by the Umbrella Corporation.

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