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Effori Island
Country Located: Greece
Provisions: N/A
Leader(s): Unknown Greek Politician
Survivor(s): Icos Kosta, Archie Yates, Carl Phelps, Captain Nolan, General Robinson Pierce, Harrison Smith, Jonas Blascowicz, Joey Baxter
"The whole operation was demonized from the goddamned start, it was never given the chance to last!"
―Chris Redfield to a superior officer lamenting upon the supposed failure from the start of "Operation Condor"

Effori Island (Effori νησί) was an independent Greek island and a member of the European Union in 2030. It was destroyed during an outbreak of the Adder Virus, a highly potent version of the T-Virus, and by a an order by the EU to abandon the island potentially permanently.


Effori Island played a prominent role in Greek history, alleged to be a secret portal to the top of Mount Olympus in mythology, it served as a stand-off point for the Greek and Roman armies fighting each other. The island was turned into a fortress in the 14th century, used largely to keep out invading armies by sea. The rest of it's early history was more or less a haze, with only a few noteworthy occurences happening. The 19th century saw much more in the way of occurrences, seeing a massive influx in it's fortunes, with many rural and agricultural areas of the island becoming rich and prosperous. By the early 20th century, it's fortunes had signifgantly improved following a slump in it's riches in the later half of the 19th century. By the last half of the century, however, it had once again suffered a blow to it's wealth, with much of it's only recently established tourism industry collapsing and real estate values. By the early 21st century, a quarter of it's population had left the island in the space of only 2 years.

"Operation Condor"Edit

On 9th Januray 2030, only a year after the official recovery of the Island's economy, years after  their was an outbreak at the Effori Island City Airport of the then unheard of Adder Virus. An international evacuation operation, "Operation Condor", was launched, backed by the Bio-terrorism Securirty Assesment Alliance, Special Biohazard Countermeasure Service and the Private Military Company, Ortega Solutions. The operation, however, was a complete and utter farce from the very start. The BSAA troops sent into aid the Greek goverment's attempts at controlling the spreading panic and B.O.Ws were either badly equipped or poorly trained, whilst the SBCS were thin on armoured support and adequate intelligence. As if to add insult to injury, Her Majesty's Goverment and several influential senators of The United States Goverment rejected the operation publically in an attempt to end it. On the end of January, a ditch assault on a highly infected set of fields ended in disaster, with atleast 95 operatives killed or infected, causing a public uproar and a scandal in the eyes of the worlds news networks. It was a largely despised operation by practically every soldier in the field, apart from die-hard loyalists within BSAA and SBCS ranks, with some units ignoring orders from superiors to attack blindly against the infectees. As the infection spread across the island, some locals took up arms to defend their towns. One prisoner of the Talaiporia prison nearby, Archie Yates, escaped along with the help of his cellmate, Carl Phelps. On the 7th of February, SBCS and BSAA began to pull out, their leaders acknowledging the failure. Survivors, recognising this was the foreshadowing of a probable destruction of the island, began to flee the island. One group of devout Catholics led by the local priest Icos Kosta fled with the use of a good samaritan offering flights off the island for survivors. Archie and Phelps escaped by sneaking aboard a BSAA Chinook. By the 20th March, the evacuation was still going painfully slow for the military units on the island who, due to pressure from humanitarian organizations, had to give priority to civilian evacuees. This meant that as soldiers packed up equipment and abandoned positions to the infected, they had to queue up to leave the island. Sir Arthur Hilde, expressing his disdain for the evacuees whom, as he put it: "Lorded it over our personnel, treating them like underlings when they had, in actual fact, been rescued by these men and women days earlier." The troubles didn't end there for the international troops. The Greek goverment formally refused to allow an ICBM drop or any form of "clean-up" device, citing that the island was too close to the mainland of Europe to risk performing such an act. By 25th of March, over 295 BSAA operatives were dead or missing, 193 Ortega Solutions contractors dead or missing and 204 SBCS operatives also dead or missing, creating severe misgivings in both organizations. Influential SBCS operatives, such as Andy "Rockets" Rogers attempted to back his organization profusely, whilst BSAA operatives of the same calliber, such as Chris Redfield, did very much the same for their own. By April 5th, the evacuation was complete, with a dramatic evacUation of high-ranking members of the United Kingdom and United States goverments and militaries by rooftop from the US Consulate on the island, which had been attacked by the B.O.Ws known as Togake, by UH-1H Huey by regular United States National Guard forces co-ordinated by the Central Intelligence Agency, with the loss of a further 98 members of the consulate's National Guard detachment. By the end of the year, the island was largely abandoned, the virus having taken a firm hold on the island, unable to spread out across the waters, as though consolidating it's control of the island.

Citizens Of NoteEdit

  • Icos Kostra
  • Archie Yates
  • Carl Phelps
  • Christos Petridis

Military/Private Military Personnel Of NoteEdit

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