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Edward Mays
Edward Mays
Date of birth:Unknown
Date of death:1999
Blood type:B+
Height:5" 10' (177.50 cm)
Mass:186 lbs (84.36 kg)
Occupation:Patrol Officer
Appearances:Resident Evil: First Hour
Portrayer:Andrew Lincoln

Edward Mays was a patrol officer of the Northwick Police Department. Partner to Jack Daly, he became infected during the T-Virus Outbreak of 1999 and is taken by Umbrella to an unknown location, it is unsure how he died though his reports suggest lethal injection.


Edward Mays, throughout the series Resident Evil: First Hour, reveals many things about him. He was a star football player for the Redwood City Lumberjacks until he broke his leg in a tackle. He joined the police department in 1996, and that he had a brother who was in the Raccoon City Police Department but hasn't heard from him in months. Though most of Edward's information is found in the file on Daly's desk in Resident Evil: Cataclysm.

Resident Evil: First HourEdit

Edward Mays is a Patrol officer for the Northwick Police Department, trying to apply for a position in the Highway Patrol. He meets Jack Daly on February 5th, 1999 (The day after the train accident).


  • It is suggested that lethal injection was the cause of death, though many people speculate that Tyrant-G001 is actually Mays.

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