Edward Allen
Edward Infected
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:1999
Occupation:Canine Trainer (SHIELDS)
Appearances:Resident Evil: Cataclysm

Edward Allen was a Canine Unit officer for S.H.I.E.L.D.S. before the infection. Five Days prior to the outbreak, he was bitten by a zombie but succumbed to blood loss after the zombie was killed. He is found as a zombie himself five days later, during the infection, in Wilson's Funeral Home.


Allen News

As seen in a newspaper

Edward Allen was a dog trainer in the Redwood City Police Department and worked with Blue Team in S.H.I.E.L.D.S.. It is unknown for how long, though it is suspected to be one year as his name is on the sheet with all the names of officers receiving One Year Evaluations.

During a drug raid in Riverside District five days prior to the series, he was bitten by a zombie but succumb to blood loss and was taken to Wilson's Funeral Home for his funeral which would have taken place the day after the outbreak happened. During the outbreak, Mr. Wilson was attacked by Edward Allen in his office. Michael and Valery enter his office to see Edward eating Mr. Wilson.

Unlike most zombies, Edward is quicker and faster. He is able to run, and scratch at Michael and Valery and occasionally grab them and headbutt them or attempt to bite their face. The fights can be extremely hard as he is quicker, and is a room full of coffins to hide behind, making close encounters a must to hit him. Edward Allen's final cutscene is him being shot by Michael's pistol 11 times, before the final 12th shot goes through his skull. Valery then closes his eyes, and carries him to the coffin, closing it. If he were still alive or becoming a crimson head, then he would have been trapped in it or killed by the nuclear bomb.


  • He is considered a mini-boss, though his health bar is roughly that of a Tyrant.
  • He is mentioned in a newspaper during Episode 1 of Resident Evil: First Hour, but the paper makes him nameless even though his picture is on the front.

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