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EZ Street was the pseudonym of a filipino crimelord who was born on April 1st 1979 and went on to lead his own cult like gang called the Viper Crew,They are named after EZ Street's famous method of execution the Snake Pit.They first appear in Resident Evil:Doomsday after Milorad Lugevoi's Death.They ruled over Carcer City with an iron fist. After a Outbreak of snake like zombies called Snakemen Occurred transforming people into snake zombies suspicion fell on him to conceal his horrid crimes he had his second in command Yoshimitsu Feed Laticia Sweitzer To his pet Black Mamba Q.Sheva Alomar and Roberta Mosholu were the next victims but escaped after distracting EZ and his henchmen Yoshimitsu.He pays off Nikki Ashford[The twin sister of both Alexia and Alfred Ashford] She goes after them but is killed when Sheva Alomar Remorselessly shoots her in the stomach.Enraged EZ attempts to feed them to his pet snake but is stopped by Sheva by the end of the game he is arrested and subseqeuntly sentenced to 500 years in prison for his crimes

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