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Dustine Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove
Date of birth:May 1,2014
Blood type:A+
Height:5ft 6
Mass:120 lb
Family:Dr. Strangelove (Grandfather,Desceased)

Unknown Parents (Desceased)

Occupation:New World Alliance Bio-Nuclear Scientist
Spouse(s):Remy Carter
Children:Joseph Carter (Born 2035)

"I am a scientist, like my grandfather before me, but I am a scientist of the more serious type"

Dr. Dustine Strangelove is the leading scientist of the New World Alliance. She also works as a semi-religious member of the New Amazons. Her grandfather was the famous Dr. Strangelove who died in the 1980's due to cancer; her father was his son. Dustine was born on May 1,2014 in Washington D.C. after the battle between Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus and the Umbrella Corporation. She was educated at Oxford University and became the first girl to graduate college at 15 years old. She was given a job in the study of possible Bio Nuclear Weaponry which theoretically was the next step in Bio-Terrorism and since Michael Franklin Miller was interested in this, he offered her a commission to defend people against weapons such as these. She also found a part time job working for the New Amazons and was semi-religious to their cult.

Enhanced Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Dustine has created a serum in which a person has enhanced human strength, speed, healing, agility, reflexes, senses and even leap. She also possesses the power of immortality thanks to a genetic defect in her blood stream. She also has experience with firearms, hand to hand combat, even melee combat, however she doesn't fight unless she has to do so. Her knowledge of nuclear and biological weaponry is a key factor when investigating claims of Bio-Nuclear Terrorism.


Dustine is a blonde haired, blue eyed woman with a light german accent. She usually weres nothing but a white bra under her white lab coat and a pair of white underwear. When it comes to her work, she is extremely strict and dedicated, if someone gets in her way, she can get angry pretty easily. She also has a piercing in her belly button that is made of pure diamond and wears a pair of stereotypical nerd glasses without tape on the bridge.

Marriage & FamilyEdit

Dustine is married to Division Delta's Remy Carter, they married in 2035 and spent their honeymoon in Miami,Florida. A few months later, she discovered that she was pregnant and gave birth to their son Joseph Carter, although people call him Strangelove as well.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Although she possesses many unique powers and abilities, Dustine also has an array of weapons that she keeps in a secret compartment in her lab in case she ever needs them. Her primary weapon is an MP40 and her sidearm is a Walther P38.

Weapon's LockerEdit


  • The name Strangelove comes from the character played by Peter Sellars character from the 1964 film "Dr.Strangelove", who is also a scientist in nuclear weapons.

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