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Dreki Nest

Date of
Created via:Hyper-evolution virus infection
Based:G. sulphureus queen termite
Height:~2 meters
Length:~9 meters

The Dreki Nest is a termite-based bioweapon developed by Charles Burr and his research team of the Steel Chariots using the Hyper-evolution virus. A Dreki Nest's only method of attack is to spawn Dreki from its back, which spit acid at its enemies.


Dreki Nests appear as enemies in Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution starting from Chapter 3-2. When the player's character is in the presence of a Dreki Nest, it will spawn a pair of Dreki to attack the player. Each Dreki will actually die twenty-five seconds after being spawned, but the Dreki Nest will continue to spawn a pair of Dreki every twenty-five seconds until it is killed. A Dreki Nest is also immobile while spawning Dreki, making it a fairly easy target. A Dreki Nest has 5700 HP on Normal difficulty, 11,000 HP on Veteran difficulty, and 57,000 HP on Professional difficulty, and its weak spot is the center of its head.


  • Spawn Dreki - The Dreki Nest spawns a pair of Dreki every twenty-five seconds at the player's character.
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