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Drayton Anderson
Drayton Anderson2
Date of birth:August 9,1979
Blood type:O
Height:6ft 5
Mass:127 lb
Family:Unknown Parents (Desceased)

Carrie Anderson (Sister, desceased)

Occupation:Serial Killer
Spouse(s):Danica Falcone
Children:Gina Anderson
Voice:Andy Robinson
Portrayer:Andy Robinson

Drayton Anderson is known to be a psychopathic serial killer who didn't start killing until he was 15 years old. He was physically beaten by his parents and sister when he was young and that led to his psychopathic trauma, he killed his parents with a knife, then raped and killed his sister. He stole any valuables that he could find. By his teens, he was already a killer for a gang known as the Scorpions and they gave him his place in the world. By his late teens he was already killing anyone who would have money and then was arrested, tried convicted and sentenced to life in the Detroit state penetentary with no possibility of parole or bail. By 1998, the T-Virus spreaded like wild fire; prisons were filling up with undead and then on the night before Raccoon's destruction, Drayton and his cellmate Paul Warren started a prison riot, grabbed weapons and escaped.

Rise of the Ordered ChaosEdit

"Theres no place for chaos in my new world, unless I say so"- Albert Wesker to a rebelling Drayton Anderson

Once they escaped, Drayton and Paul started working with others and created a group called the "Ordered Chaos" which was a group dealing in Controlled Anarchy. Once the Umbrella Corporation heard about them, they used them to spread the T-Virus around the world. Drayton was placed to be their god and savior. After that, they almost killed by Umbrella Soldiers ordered by Albert Wesker because of his place for them in his new world. Drayton's men held their own and killed off Wesker's forces. Since then they have stolen, raped, killed and even tortured their victims.


"I'll bet the bitch you married is as sick and twisted as you are"- Dean Miller

Drayton married Ordered Chaos member Danica Falcone and have a daughter named Gina Anderson.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Drayton is excellent on the assault and is as good a sniper as Yuri Jovovich. He is also fast and a quickdraw with a common handgun, but doesn't engage in hand to hand combat because of his stature. He is excellent at stealth and even can sneak up behind people without any problem, unless the person he's sneaking up behind is superhuman.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

He has 2 primary weapons, an Arisaka 7.7 Type 2 Paratrooper Takedown Rifle, and an MP40. His primary sidearm of choice is a Walther P38.


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