Drainer was the first hybrid created by the Agency, in their attempt to top Umbrella's increasingly powerful mutations. Drainer was combined with remains of a captured homeless man, and turned into a powerful monster. It serves as a boss of Resident Evil: Rising Sun.


Drainer is a powerful mutation, having massive bat wings and two tiny human arms. It has a human face with bat fangs and a pug nose. It can fly to great heights thanks to its powerful wings, and can use weapons if it chooses, although it seems to prefer close combat, slashing and diving at Aban when it confronted him at the Church of Blood. It could also unleash a powerful scream that would stun opponents and then it dived and grabbed its opponent and tried to bite them to death. When it was badly wounded, it began to viciously attack Aban at close range with its claws and wings. Eventually, it was brought down and died.

It was not a terribly durable mutation, but made up for it in strength, speed, and pure viciousness. It was considered a success by the Agency but viewed as a failure by Umbrella.

Fight with AbanEdit

Aban first came across this beast after exiting the village during the upstate Maine Outbreak when he entered an abandoned Church. He found Drainer sleeping upside down on the ceiling of the Church, and when Aban tried to leave without disturbing the monster, he accidently knocked over a vase. Drainer awakened, and with a screech, attacked Aban. Aban managed to shoot it several times as it flew around the Church, and it then smashed open the doors and flew outside. Aban confronted it, where Drainer, now with a more open area, swooped at him from great heights, and even tried to carry Aban off several times. Eventually, after taking several more shots, Drainer fell to the ground, dead. It turned out the Church was actually an Agency base, and Drainer had been guarding it from intruders.

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