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Dr. Richard Carlisle
Dr. Richard Carlisle
Date of birth:1960
Date of death:N/A
Age:49 In 2009
Blood type:AB+
Occupation:Umbrella Corporation Researcher (Former)
"I'll give you one thing, you don't give up the chase, do you?"
―Carlisle To Captain Andy "Rockets" Rogers

Dr. Richard Carlisle, as he was formally known in his job in the Umbrella Corporation, was the main cause of the outbreak and destruction of Winston Borough in 2009 after having been betrayed by the Scottish/Irish Liberation Party.


Carlisle was born into a small family, in Norwich, with an averagely comfortable life. At 19, seeking a job, Carlisle received a scholarship at Manchester University and a part-time job with Umbrella. Following his success as a lab assistant Carlisle saw steady promotion after promotion, even seeing a brief mention on the companies website. Carlisle also began working on BOW projects, including the Tyrant Virus. After the Raccoon City Incident, Carlisle quickly went into hiding, resigning from Umbrella and going under an alias. Shortly after the corporation disintergrated, Carlisle attempted to join up with different Bio-terrorist groups, failing to do so. Sometime before 2009, Carlisle was contacted via mobile phone and told he was able to join Neo-Umbrella. Carlisle accepted the offer with enthusiasm and was told to head back to England and to the small town of Winston Borough. Carlisle then received more orders via payphone from the town center, being told to aid the SILP in their efforts to make more samples of the T-Virus. However, by the next year on June 1st, Carlisle received a tip-off. The SILP did infact intend to leave him behind as they left for Northern Ireland, taking the samples of the T-Virus with them. Enraged, Carlisle devised a plot against the high-ranks within the group, when they held a meeting that night within a farmhouse, Carlisle released a gaseous strain of the T-Virus into the farmhouse's ventilation. The plan worked, with the intended victims becoming infected and Carlisle dispatching them with a Glock 17 at close range. One factor Carlisle hadn't considered was that the T-Virus was indiscriminate and that the local wildlife had a habit of entering homes, especially that of the Field Mouse. By June 25th, Winston Borough and the nearby farmland was overrun with infected citizens, leading the British Army to quarantine the area surrounding the borough. Carlisle found himself under attack from the SILP's surviving members, forcing him to flee his cottage and head for a long abandoned lab within the Winston Borough Industrial Estate on the outskirts of the town. However, an SAS squad investigating inside the town found evidence of his involvment and came looking for him. He had infact, rather carelessly, left behind a proverbial trail of breadcumbs, leading them to his new hideout. Carlisle engaged the squad with an RPK and F1 Handgrenades in a desperate bid to kill them. This failed and he was captured by them and, after a trek through the town and a heavy firefight between SILP survivors and Zombies, extracted.