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Location:Newark City
Establishment:Early 1600's
Notable events:t2 virus infection
Current status:Destroyed, June 14th 2014

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Downtown Newark City was geographically the largest district and the most ethnically diverse location of the city itself. It is a famous tourist attraction given the vast array of shopping areas and public libraries. It is the primary center of entertainment for the people and is home to the Newark City Phoenix's, the football team of the city.

By some, it was dubbed as Sin City due to the vast selection of bars, shops and theaters and also a prime location for prostitution and drug dealing. It is an area where dangerous crime is surprisingly at its lowest, but still has its share of issues.

During the time of Newark City's economic crisis after the fall of Umbrella, downtown had received many renovations since then thanks to the help of the mayor to avoid unrest and suspicions of the people. It rests on the northern part of the city.

It also has various sidewalk cafes and renovated condos. It does play host to people of many income. It has a red light district. Downtown Newark City is the most heavily populated area daily as it is filled with tourists year round as well as enjoyed by those who live there.

Trivia Edit

  • Downtown Newark features the most accessible areas throughout the game.
  • There are also two Easter eggs featured in this area of Newark; when passing a game's shop, there is a poster for the game Marvel Vs Capcom: 3. The other Easter egg is featured on a map of what appears to be a map of Fortune City lying on a street near the Guns N' Things shop, another reference to Dead Rising 2.
  • Interestingly enough, Downtown Newark is described as being "Sin City" but there are children's shops there as well.


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