Ammo Crates

Supply Caches

Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus uses many forms of equipment to combat the Umbrella Corporation, Umbrella Fascist Group and even the Anti-Amazons. They also have established trading between their allies and other divisions such as Division Delta:Italian Division, the New Amazons and even the South Korean Anti-Bioterrorism Force.


The long list of equipment that Division Delta needs is something that keeps them on their toes in the long run and brings them over that stretch to victory.


Combat Helmet

Division Delta Helmet

The standard issued infantry helmet of Division Delta is a very tough helmet used by both ground and air troops alike. They are designed with a holographic computer system that is controlled by the brain with electrodes stuck to the skin. It also has an air filter and oxygen mode, allowing for the wearer to breath in areas that are hazardous in both toxic gases and airborne viral agents.

Ammo Boxes


Ammunition is one thing that a soldier is issued before engaging enemy troops in armed combat. Usually they have various types and magazines of ammunitions for ammunition and can hold a considerable amount while in combat.

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