Dina Waters-Dupree
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth October 6th 1977
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Race/Ethnicity French Caucasian
Occupation Reporter for the Raccoon city News
Marital status Single and on the prowl
Relative(s) Tariq Al Abheri[Step Grandfather] Paolo Waters[Father] Leona Al Abheri[Stepmother] Lenna Waters[Mom] Kerri Waters[Sister]
Status Alive

Dina Waters live in her 6 floor condominium.She and her sister Kerri are romantically involved with the Town womanizer Aries Hutchinson,Apparently without each other's knowledge[Although Kerri realizes eventually her sister likes Aries and she gets into a fight with her] She is also in a relationship with Rich widower Steve St.John-Smythe.She and her sister are also freinds with sheva alomar and help her fight off the zombies.Her husband Barlow Dupree was a member of the all-tell bike crew and was shot by a rival gang member leaving her a widow.She is somewhat poor and dreams of marrying a rich man to get his money.

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