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Date of
Created via:Hyper-Veronica Virus infection
Based:Atlas Moth (larva)
Height:2.4+ meters
Length:5.4 meters
Purpose:Controllable bioweapon

The Dilong (地龍) is a powerful B.O.W created from an unknown caterpillar species that was infected with the Hyper-Veronica Virus. The Hyper-Veronica Virus evolved the caterpillar's hairs into very strong spikes. These spikes can be launched at long distances and are capable of penetrating through two centimeters of Tank armor, due to the Dilong’s strength. Since Dilong are considerably slower than the lesser Gouchong, they will also burrow underground and wait for enemies to reach their attack range.


  • Needle Spine - The Dilong opens its armor plates and launches a volley of spikes. Each spike deals massive damage, but it is unlikely that more than one will strike the player at once, due to the spreading of the spikes. If a needle spine brings the character's health down to zero, it will either remove the limb it struck, or impale the character's torso.
  • Scythe - The Dilong swings at the player with its arm, dealing massive damage. If the Dilong's scythe-arm strikes the ending blow, the character will either lose an arm, have the top of their skull impaled, or have their collar area impaled, depending on the placement of the strike.


A Dilong has 260.6 health.

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