The Department of Unified Protection (abbreviated as D.U.P,but often called/pronounced DOOP as derogatory term to refer to its members and the organization as a whole) is a united states government agency. It is an organization created to defend the United States and prevent redundancy in the United States Intelligence Community.

Notable Members:"Misa Fujiwaka"

, ""

Headquarters:Thermopylae Building in Washington,DC


It's main purposes is to secretly influence foreign countries into being or reaming us-friendly, and maintain national and us-friendly international bio-terrorism security.

They also work as a over seeing branch that forces the F.B.I, C.I.A, D.I.A, N.S.A, F.E.M.A, F.B.C ,Homeland security , and the entire United States Intelligence Community to work together against bio-terrism and to influence foreign nations. As it's name suggests it unifies the united states defense and intelligence agencies into combined force. It also has it's own forces. After the Black Mesa Incident, the DUP became the United States branch of the ICP and gained its own forces. It controlled and policed large areas of Detroit , Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and eventually Atlanta before the prominence of GN Civil Security.

History pt 1Edit


Origannly founded under the name the Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command.

Black Mesa IncidentEdit


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