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Demios (Tyrant Type-A-02
Created late 2000s
Created By Dr.James Cero
Creation Two years of F.G.R and T-Virus infusion
Based Cloned tyrant.
Height/Length 10ft
Purpose Destroying Raz
Status Dead (may be ressurected by Dr. Cero

Creature bioEdit

Following his isolation in the A.P complex, as he had been sealed in with nothing but the Failures corpses for company. All Dr. Cero could think of was revenge. he took the corpses of the Fallen and used the genetic material he got from the Tracker unstable Tyrant, to clone a new Tyrant body, the process worked well and the clone already had F.G.R and T-virus infused to its genetic structure, then using what he considered the best parts from his failures, surgecaly attached them to his prize, however this would have an unforseen downfall, as the failures had highly unstable F.G.R inside them and it was now pumping into the new creature he christened Demios, damaging his cell structure.

Raz fought Demios in a long and brutal battle, in which it mutated twice, first because of its natural reaction to damage and second time because of unstable F.G.R degradation.