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Saint Michael's Hospital Morgue

The death toll is mounting in just a few hours passing. Known dead so far:

Ark, D.

Briggs, M.

Chan, A.

Cal, W.

Gordon, K.

Derreks, O.

Eberhart, P.

Earls, D.

Fong, B.

Gregory, E.

Gordon, A.

Hennesy, S.

Holt, T.

Johnson, M.

Jordan, F.

Krakowski, D.

Patel, R.

Patterson, B.

Pitts, C.

Schofield, W.

Scott, H.

Wells, K.

Williams, R.

Remember this: "A bazooka in the hands of a woman PMS'ing can cause mass mayhem in a zombie apocalypse." --Queen-of-the-Living-Dead 23:20, January 26, 2011 (UTC)

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