Death Warrior was a massive Tyrant encountered by Adan during the Main Outbreak. He encountered this monstrosity while chasing Mr. Black through the Agency's Factory.


A behemoth of little intelligence, but much brute strength and durability, Death Warrior was a former convict named Michael Brett, who the Agency had secretly captured and performed T-virus experiments on. Growing to enormous size, Michael's skin grew scaly, his spine popped through his back, and his muscles grew to grossly huge sizes. His brain dimished though through the ordeal, and Michael experienced aggression toward anything that moved, even viciously pounding on a monitor when it made a beeping noise near him. He was kept in a holding cell under heavy sedation until his confrontion with Aban.

Resident Evil: Rising SunEdit

While chasing the mysterious Mr. Black through the Agency's Factory, Aban lost him through the winding corridors and eventually made his way into a large open room with several monitors. Suddenly, the gates snapped closed and were electrified. Albert Wesker's face appeared on the monitors and he said to Aban that he had been a thorn in his boss's side long enough and it was time for him to be taken care of. Aban questioned Wesker about Mr. Black, but Wesker stated he didn't know who that was, and pushed a button on his control panel. Immediatly, a massive elevator came into the room and there was an enormous roar from inside it and the door was thrown off its hinges, which Aban barely managed to dodge.

Death Warrior then stepped out of the elevator, breathing heavily and immediatly charged at Aban. Aban tried shooting the monster, but it only made it angry and it ran faster. Aban barely managed to avoid the vicious monster's deadly swipes and smashes, and was cornered between it and the electrified fence. The monster gave another roar and charged, but Aban rolled to the side. Death Warrior was going too fast to stop, and smash full speed into the electrified fence, being electrocuted for a full minute before tugging itself free. However, now the monster was weakened and swiped at Aban more slower. Aban succeeded in then shooting it too death, and Death Warrior slumped over dead on the floor. Wesker noted that muscle breeds of Tyrants would need improvement, before trying to kill Aban with a horde of Crimson Heads.

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