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The Dart Shooter is Tomè Laga`s signature handgun, which was created by himself. He uses it as his main handgun, similar to how Barry Burton uses his Handcannon in Resident Evil.

Background HistoryEdit

Tomè Laga`s Dart Shooter was created by himself during the time he was imprisioned in his own home. When he was imprisioned, Tomè knew that one day he`d be murdered, so he needed something to defend himself. While searching his room, he found an old disfunctional Ludger. He had arround tools to fix it, but he decided to improve it. He disarmed it completley and instead of using the same mechanism it already had, he created a new one (making the gun`s only similarity to the Ludger it`s outside looks), more powerfull and that ,since he had no handgun bullets around, would shoot darts instead of ammo. When he finished it, he realised that the handgun grip`s space where the ammo clip goes had still the space of the magazine. He added another mechanism that allowed the gun to retain liquids, such as nitrogen or acid, and also, it could retain anti-virus liquid vaccines, which made it an anti-B.O.W. handgunn, and it still could shoot ammo.

The MechanisimsEdit

The Dart Shooter has two mechanisims that allow it to function:

-The Dart Mechanism is on the gun`s chamber, it has a small tube that has to be pulled back, then the darts are placed here and you push the tube back in, thus this pushes the darts in, too. Then, they`re shot by pulling the trigger.

-The Liquid Mechanism is on the gun`s grip. It contains a fillter that holds in the liquid, and automaticlly injects the liquid to the darts, if there are some in the chamber. The grip has an opening on it`s lower part where a glass vial containing the liquid has to be putted, then, the glass vial has to be removed and the opening get`s closed.

The DartsEdit

The Dart Shooter shoots regular darts, however this have been also modified so they can contain liguids, gunpowder and some even work as flash granades.

-Ammo Darts: this are the must common used by Tomè, they contain gunpowder that it`s imediatley shot similar to a normal bullet.

-Exploding Darts: this are only used by Tomè when his enemies are hiding behind a destoyable structure. When attached, 3 seconds later they explode (similar to the arrows Krauser uses in Resident Evil 4)

-Acid Darts: rarley used by Tomè, when attached, they released acid in the attach place.

-Nitrogen Darts: Tomè only uses them as surprise. However effective, they do not freeze entirley the enemy, only a few centimeters around where it attached.

-Flash Darts: Tomè only uses them when he wants to escape. After shot, they release a strong light-ray that blinds everyone around it for a few seconds (Tomè uses sunglasses, that`s why they don`t affect him)

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